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Vinyl Shutters Essex

Luxaflex® Vinyl Shutters transform ordinary windows into inspiring highlights of the home. Combining elegance with the durability of vinyl they are perfect for windows everywhere: formal living rooms to rough-and-tumble playrooms – even busy kitchens and steamy bathrooms. Their lightweight design with internal air pockets provide an elegant solution for large windows as well as being energy efficient, easy to maintain, washable and waterproof. They will also not fade crack or chip.

Guaranteed for 25 years
All Luxflex vinyl shutters carry a 25 year guarantee.

Can be fitted in 4 - 5
All Luxflex vinly shutters can be delivered and fitted in four to five weeks.

Room Darkening
Sometimes, the absence of light is important to the overall design or function of a room. Bedrooms used during the day, or specialised media rooms require the ability to completely eliminate all outside light.

Special Shapes
Luxaflex® makes a wide variety of window coverings that can be custom-made to fit your windows, no matter the shape or size.

Fire retardant
Our vinyl shutters are fire retardant (tested to the performance requirements of BS 5867-2: 2008 Type "B") and child safe.

Choice of three colours
Luxaflex® vinyl shutters are available in a choice of three colours – cotton, pearl and vanilla.

Woodblinds Essex

If you are looking to purchase vinyl blinds in Essex woodblinds and shutters can help. We offer a full measuring and fitting services and use high quality Luxaflex Vinyl Blinds

Wood Blinds are one of the best known and most respected installers of wooden venetian blinds in the UK. We have been in business for over 35 years and are based in Essex.Art Blinds
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