Installing blinds in your home is one of the best ways to enhance the look of your windows. There are times when you may need to remove your blinds for a number of reasons.

When this happens you will need to ensure that you do so carefully to prevent damage. Here is a look at how you can remove blinds safely.

How to Remove Horizontal Window Blinds

Removing horizontal window blinds need not be a difficult task. Horizontal window blinds can be made from different types of material. Some of them are made from wood, others from faux wood or aluminum. 

Fortunately, no matter what type of horizontal blinds you have most of them can be removed in the same way. Here are some steps that you can follow to remove the blinds quickly and safely.

Remove Valances

If you have valances then you need to remove them before you can do anything. Valances are usually mounted on a clip and then attached to a headrail. If you want to remove the valance all you have to do is lift off the blinds.

Once the valances have been taken off you will have access to the headrail as well as the mounting brackets. Brackets are usually placed at the end of each headrail. 

Remove Valances

You can open the brackets by lifting the side of the bracket that is hinged. Often a screwdriver will be needed to gently pry the hinge aside from off of the tab.

Once you get brackets open all you now have to do is remove the window blinds from their brackets. The brackets will now need to be removed from the window frame by taking out all the screws that had been holding them in place.

How to Remove Venetian Blinds

To remove Venetian blinds you are going to need a few tools. The method to take down your blinds can be different depending on the type of blinds that you have. 

Blinds with standard brackets need to be taken down in a different way from those that have spring loaded brackets.

Before attempting to take down your blinds you need to make sure that you understand the type of brackets that they are in. Take a close look at them. If your brackets are held together by a clip over the front side of your blinds then they are what is known as standard. If you don’t notice this then they are almost always spring-loaded blinds.

The first step

The first thing you will need to do is to use the drawstrings under blinds to pull the blades all the way to the top. 

You can use your hands to do this to ensure that the blades pull up and can be locked into position. Once you have gotten the blades to the top you are free to let go of a drawstring.

The second step

The second step in the process is where you will need a tool. You will need to have a screwdriver on hand to lift the bracket from each side of the blind. 

If you’re trying to remove standard blinds then all you have to do is put the tip of the screwdriver between the clip area and the blind. Gently pull the screwdriver away from the blinds, the clips will be released and the brackets will open.

The third step

You will need to remove the blinds from the open bracket. Use both your hands to grab the blinds and gently pull them towards you. Once you have the brackets lifted, the blinds should be easy to slide out and so that they can be pulled away from the window.

The fourth step

For the fourth step, you are going to need a Phillips head drill bit. You will only be able to remove the brackets from the windows by using a drill. 

You will need the drill to spin counterclockwise so you will have to press the reverse spin on it. After that, you will need to position your drill bit inside the head of one of the screws and turn on the drill.

Ensure that you safely store away the screws and the brackets in a safe place so that they do not get lost.

The fifth step

Remove the blind brackets with a Phillips head drill as well. You will need to set your drill to spin counterclockwise once again. Put the drill bit into the screw that connects the brackets to your window.

Turn on the drill and unscrew the bracket, once you have done this you can repeat it for the next bracket.

How to Remove Venetian Blinds to Clean Them

cleaning wood blinds with vacuum cleaner

You can use the steps above to remove your Venetian blinds for cleaning. Remember to have your tools ready as well as the proper drill. Ensure that at all times you are holding on to any areas that are susceptible to falling. 

Have a container or a plastic bag ready to collect screws and brackets so that you do not lose them. Once you have done this you can easily remove the Venetian blinds for cleaning.

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