External buildings like sheds or garden rooms don’t tend to get the same level of attention as a room in the home. Outbuildings can be home to a lot of junk and can also house expensive equipment that’s been built up over the years and an external building like a shed or a cabin is unlikely to benefit from the same level of heat because of its location. 

For the sake of privacy and to protect your outbuildings from the elements, window blinds are essential. But getting a window blind involves a number of variables, such as the size of the windows. Therefore, it’s likely your blinds will need to be crafted carefully to suit the size and aesthetics of your space, so have a look below for some of our suggestions.

Different Types of Blinds for Outbuildings

Outbuildings need different types of protection. If you’ve got a summer house, cabin, or garden room, some of the following would be perfect: 

Roman Blinds

Roman blinds are made from one large piece of fabric and allow natural light to filter into a room. This is a particularly common type of blind for offices, so if you are using your outbuilding as an external office this can be perfect.

Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are a sleek and minimal approach to blinds. The fabric rolls up so they don’t take up as much space as a Roman blind. They can also be customised to create statement pieces.

Wooden and Venetian Blinds

Both are very popular blinds that are either made of real wood blinds, faux wood blinds, aluminium, or PVC. They allow you to adjust the light by tilting the slats in addition to raising the blinds.

While you can get any type of blind for an outbuilding, the different materials and types would have an effect on your decision, but it’s also important to base your decision according to the outbuilding you have.

Blinds for Sheds

A shed can be a very small and delicate space when you are using it to store a lot of items. From bikes to lawnmowers, you will need to use the right type of blind to hide your belongings. For most sheds, a cost-effective blind is an ideal option. Roller blinds are perfect because they’re very versatile for anybody on a budget. Additionally, a Roman blind can be perfect because of its durability.

Blinds for Summer Houses

A summer house is an amazing addition to any garden but you will need to shield prying eyes from the interiors, but also make sure the right blind provides thermal benefits to keep the heat in or out, depending on the season. Pleated blinds are an amazing addition to your summer house because they can maintain privacy and control the sunlight, while also adding to the overall aesthetic. While there are a number of blinds available that can work with your summer house, such as roller blinds, Venetian blinds have that balance between style and substance. Wood Venetian blinds look amazing, but for those on a budget, faux wood is also just as effective.

Blinds for Log Cabins

Log cabins are very similar in feel to a summer house, and having blinds that offer those thermal benefits, adds a layer of style, and protects the items inside is a delicate balance to get right. Pleated blinds are excellent but wood or faux wood Venetians work well because of the aesthetics. In a log cabin environment, wooden materials work perfectly with the overall aesthetics.

Blinds for Garden Rooms

A garden room is a very versatile space, so therefore you can choose almost any blind to fit it. However, it depends on what you are using the garden room for. The garden room can easily be a home office, a bar, or even a sauna. Therefore, a Roman blind is excellent for a bar setup as it can allow natural light to come into a room but also blocks it out depending on your colour choice. It’s an amazing way to lend elegance and sophistication to the space. However, wood and faux wood Venetian blinds are perfect for garden rooms because of their durability. Made of thick materials, they provide extra protection and materials like faux wood and wood are highly customisable. Additionally, for the energy conscious, the materials are perfect for energy efficiency because they do not allow heat to escape. 

With so many window blinds available, if you are looking to upgrade your outhouse, there are plenty of options to provide style and practicality.